A short pitch probably intended to pull on those heartstrings.

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In the summer before my freshman year of college, I had my first experience with course registration.

I spent 7 hours manually drawing out the classes I needed and how they could fit together. When it came time to register, I was funneled into a room of computers, with 30 other students, we were told to sit down, and open up a browser.

A few minutes later, someone in the room yelled “go!”. And we all began frantically racing against each other, trying to click faster than everyone else.

This was the process that decided if you got the education you had been training for, the education you were paying for.

I’m talking to you today, because I wasn’t one of the fastest kids to click in that room. I didn’t get the classes I needed.

And I was destroyed. College was off to a terrible start. When the process was over, I went back to my car and just started sobbing.

I wasn’t alone. Millions of students were and still are going through the exact same process, experiencing the exact same thing.

And it starts out with “I can’t take that class”, but turns into “I can’t learn that subject, I can’t be that doctor, that lawyer, that engineer”.

We’re taking that lack of control out of not only your classes but the start of your life. We don’t think you should have to settle, and we at Coursicle are making it so that you don’t have to.