Notes from a quick 15 minute chat I had with Kevin Hale from YC when he was in Chapel Hill doing interviews at Launch Chapel Hill and 1789.

As much as it pains me to admit it, these were an incredibly useful 15 minutes. His suggestion to parallelize our growth across as many schools as possible was both simple and genius. We added as many schools as we could and then emailed him. Couple weeks later, we got the invite to interview in Mountain View for YC. We were stoked. Tara even considered whether she could ask TGG to delay her start date.

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With this 10%-20% growth, how could that be possible with products that are very seasonal?

Doesn't apply as much, just expand horizontally.

would you recommend applying to YC after having created it for 100 schools?

Apply and send him an email letting him know. He also said something else at the end but I didn't catch it. Maybe about attaching his name at the end or something?

Pretty sure he said during meeting that our numbers were really good. 2,000/16,000 for app state. Asked for our best school other than UNC.