Good food must be shared. Whenever I make my pizza, I share it with the people I love nearby. In San Francisco, that was the owners of the Market Mayflower & Deli, who were very nice to us and would sometimes give Cosmo some meat because they liked to feed him (we lived next door). I also shared it with a rather fantastic Roman style pizza place, Gusto Pinsa Romana, one of the only roman style pizza places I've been to. I was very proud when they posted on their Instagram that it was one of the best slices they'd had in SF.

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Here's another story I told about when I gave the guys at L'industrie Pizzeria in Brooklyn one of my slices (they're one of the best NY slices I've ever had, probably my favorite in Brooklyn).

They go to L'industrie pizza and the place is 4x the size of what it used to be. Joe gets so excited by this he walks up to one of the owners Nick and says he hadn’t been here in 2 years and the place is huge, and Nick says that he kept getting fatter so they had to expand. Joe told him 2 years ago he brought them a slice of his sicilian pizza and asked if he remembered it. Nick said he did and Joe asked what he thought and Nick said that it was “fucking amazing”. Joe tells Camilo and Amelia that if it was possible to die from happiness, he might have done so then, because this was one of his favorite pizza places in NY and the owner liked Joe’s pizza. Joe told Nick he hoped the quality didn’t go down for the pizza now that they’re bigger and he said “yeah, well we did start adding a lot more shit and garbage to it.” Joe really had a good time talking to Nick.