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Ways of solving this and questions we need to ask them.

How does the recovery process work? But, doesn't that mean that in the recovery process, my vault key is sent in plaintext through the server??? But wouldn't the server also have vault encrypted with that vault key? So there would be a time when the server could completely decrypt the vault? Hopefully the vault key gets changed after the recovery process. Wait, hold on, but they say that nobody ever gets the decrypted vault key who shouldn't so how the hell are they decrypting the vault key as part of the recovery process without sending dad's device the encrypted key? In their whitepaper they say "Because the server never has access to decrypted vault keys, it cannot give out those keys to anyone. Therefore the server simply doesn’t have the power to grant someone access to a vault. Such requirements are cryptographically enforced." 

Still don't understand the "you will you the primary vault to unlock 1Password from now on". Need to ask them about this (screenshot below). 

The solution:
	•	Okay, so indeed the solution is for me to use Dropbox, and keep everything in a vault which is not under the family account, but I can still be using the family license, which is great. Moreover, now i can create multiple personal vaults and sync them as I wish via Dropbox with other users (but this would require a new master password, less I share my master password), so it's better to just take the security hit (vs setting up a new shared master password) and have the shared vaults on the account. 

	•	The dad issue: I can see all vaults except his personal and add myself to them, so he should give them tags instead and tuck them in "Personal".
	•	(not doing) Make me the only account organizer. This was going to make a weird account setup for us (mainly around billing), plus it also meant that who knows what could happen if dad was a family organizer when my original personal vault was created, then I removed him as the family organizer (could my vault key encrypted with his public key still be recovered somehow? Does it exist? Who knows?). They don't seem to prepare much for forward secrecy, so there was always that concern. The main question we'd want answered in "how can I change the vault key of my personal vault". Even if we removed him as an organizer, and then transferred everything from existing vault to a new vault (whose key wouldn't be encrypted with dad's public key), what if they didn't change the family organizing group private key when he was removed (leaving only me), which dad was previously a member of, and so this is cached somewhere, and thus could be taken by dad and used to get my vault. It's a lot of layers and possibilities. 
	•	(not doing) 1Password for teams might solve this whole thing, but it's a lot more money.