The ridiculousness that was the 2016-2019 MacBook Pro keyboards.

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2/28/18: came in with first issue for 2016 Macbook. The "b" key was double or triple typing. They verified. Sent out for a top case replacement, was without my computer for 1 week.

3/3/18: got the computer back, with the new top case

3/14/18: The down arrow key doesn't always register when pressed. (this is 9 days later)

3/26/18: I bring the computer into the Apple Store, hoping I can get a free apple keyboard that i can use until they come out for a fix. He says he can't do that, but he can give me a brand new 2017 Macbook Pro today. After some deliberation, I accept and spend the rest of the day transferring the data (was in the store for 10 hours). 

7/24/18 (or earlier): the down arrow key is doing the exact same thing; it's not working on all key presses. 

8/20/18: Bringing into Apple Store again, because I can't take it anymore and my '0' and 'f' key are stuck too. Just want to be done with this.

Demonstration: use thumb, just like you normally use the arrow key. Especially bad on the bottom right.