I was solicited to sell my Mac with a bad keyboard to a law firm so that they could use it in a class action lawsuit against Apple.

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I sold my 2018 Macbook Pro to Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP last year so that it could be used in this lawsuit, so I may already be part of the suit, but I'm submitting this to make sure I'm included as part of the suit. The serial number of the computer I sold them is C02XJ0CJJG5M. I was in contact with Justin Boyer, and my computer was shipped to David Niebuhr. I went through many Macbook Pros between 2016 and 2019 because of this issue, and had to get into a lot of arguments with employees at the Apple Store about the constant repairs they had to do on my machine, where I'd have to be without it for a full 7 days even though my livelihood depends on my computer (I'm a self-employed programmer). They would claim that they couldn't do the repair any faster than 7 days, and then after extended conversation with the head of the store and eventually having to determine who their boss was and threaten to contact their boss, they were able to give me the 24 hour turnaround I needed to avoid an interruption to my work (I had already gone through a repair by this point, this was my second repair). There were times when they would just replace the entire the machine for me and I'd still start getting the keyboard issue a couple months later. There was another time when they replaced the keyboard (7 days without my machine) and then when I got it back within a week I had the same issue on a different key. I probably went through 5 repairs or replacements over a 2 year period.