Second set of questions, this time Tara and I met with him in Durham.

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It’s been hard for us to wear so many hats. It’s good, but we might be able to grow faster if we had someone devoted to business/marketing. What are your thoughts about spending time trying to find someone to do that vs just sucking it up? Doing business stuff ourselves takes a lot of time away from expanding to another say 15 schools, which might be best.

We have three main categories of business models (advertising, pay for use, and sell data to third party models). Should we start trying one of these models?

It seems like most incubators for the summer (when we’d go) don’t start accepting applications until much later (like a few months from now). But we don’t want to bank on getting into an accelerator and it seems like we should start looking for investors now. How should we handle this?

When talking to investors/incubators, should we propose many ideas or just commit to one for business model?

Do we need to test these business models out now? Or are these just necessary thoughts we need to have in order to start talking to angel investors/applying to incubators?

Why is being seasonal actually a bad thing? We’ve been related to tax software, which is only used once a year but seriously helps you during that time? What kind of model do they have and is such a model applicable for us?