A follow-up call to check in with my psychiatrist, Dr. Walker, on how things have been going.

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* I have seen improvement on Prozac. Within a week or two, I had some strings of really good days. I knew it worked for me last time. 
* But as recently as last night, I have still had anxiety attacks. 
    * I couldn't decide whether to stay at my friends' house or go back to my house. 
    * I started to rock back and forth, and self-touch. 
* My girlfriend of 10 years on Monday told me that she had feelings for someone else. 
* She also has had a lot of trouble dealing with me in this anxious state. She feels like she's tapped out. 
    * She said she wants an open relationship to help her get through this. 
    * She doesn't know how much longer she can last before she just has to break up with me.
    * I really don't want an open relationship and this has all added a lot to my anxiety. 

* Still getting cases where throughout the day I have my hair stick up on my arms. 
* I feel very tired in the morning, getting out of bed is still difficult. 
* I still don't get much enjoyment out of the things I usually enjoy. 
* Still have a lot of trouble in the idle times:
    * Mind starts to wander, intrusive thoughts/worries.
* Sometimes, especially at night, I can really feel my heart beating. 

* Do you still do therapy in a personal practice? I talked to you about it when I first met you, and know you didn't take insurance, but I'm open to that now because I really trust you. 
    * If not, do you have someone you could refer me to? 
* Is there any other advice I should give my girlfriend? 
    * Couple's therapy? 
    * Do you have someone you could refer us to? 
* Is it possible that it just takes longer this time for the medication to have full effect? 
* Do you think medicine changes are necessary? 
    * Last time, I felt back to normal in 4-6 weeks. But I had been on 10mg for 3 weeks prior. 
    * Thursday is the 6 week mark.