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	•	Comcast
	⁃	Available.  Has a pretty bad rep in general. Would probably be easiest to setup. 
	⁃	55Mbps for $30/month.
	•	AT&T
	⁃	Available. $40/month for 10Mbps. 
	⁃	Great rep, but slower speeds. Apparently is available, but offers 5Mbps for $30/month. Uses DSL. 
	•	Wave (Astound)
	⁃	Not available for us. Good rep. 
	•	MonkeyBrains
	⁃	Inquired. Not available. Check again in 4 months (from 7/7/17). Good rep. 
	•	Webpass
	⁃	Not available unless you're in a huge apartment building. Great rep. 

Good data source:

Comcast Call: 
	•	What is the guaranteed upload speed? 
	•	What is the expected upload speed? Upload speed should be about 6mbps. 
	•	What is the guaranteed download speed? Should at least get 40mbps. Haven't seen it go lower than 50. 
	•	AT&T and Sonic are available at apartment; why should we go with Comcast? We should be getting what we paid for. 
	⁃	The previous tenant likely went with Sonic or AT&T because we have an ethernet port here, which means it was installed. Comcast also said that the last time they had this apartment was June 2016, so it's very likely that the tenant before us had internet here. 
	•	Are there any setup fees?
	•	Are there any renting fees for some hardware you provide? 
	•	Goes up to about $67/month, will call and renegotiate and . Should at worst get to $40/month. 

	•	Can the basic TV package be bundled in later at the $10/month price?
	•	Do you get PBS from the "Limited Basic/Internet Plus" TV package? 
	•	Is it possible to add individual channels to the TV package?