I think it's really horrible design when an outlet is controlled by a light switch. I understand the idea: you plug in a lamp or some other light source into the outlet so when you walk in the room you can turn on all the lights in the room, or just certain ones, just by reaching for the light switches. But it's just so short sighted: whan happens when you want to turn off the lamp? The instinct is to go to the lamp and turn it off, since that's the source of the light in your brain, not the light switch. So now you've got a lamp that's off, but the outlet to it is on, so what happens next time you enter the room? You fidget with the light switch and the light doesn't turn on. That's annoying. Moreover, let's reset and say you're in the room and you want to turn on the lamp. Obviously, you're going to approach the lamp to turn it on (not to mention the lamp is probably closer to where you're sitting/standing if you're trying to use it), but instead of this you have to walk to the entrance to the room, flip the switch, and walk back.

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I decided I was tired of dealing this in my room, so I decided to do something about it.