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Researching renter's insurance

Covers things that happen inside the place, not the place itself (e.g. building destruction). 

Requiring renter's insurance is common. 

Three types of coverage available within renter's insurance: 
	•	Loss of use
	•	Personal property
	•	Personal liability (required in our case)

Lots of 'Umbrella policies", which cover a whole bunch of things (Auto, Home, etc.)
	•	Cost between $150-$300 per year for $1 million coverage

	•	We live together: do we each need renter's insurance? 

	•	State Farm
	•	Geico
	•	Nationwide

Computers - $3000 x 2
Jewelry - $1000 
Couch - $600
Bed - $500
TV - $300
Clothes - $1000 + $3000
Misc Electronics - $1000
Kitchenware - $500
Misc - $500

Total: $14,400

Hi we need to get a quote on renter's insurance for our new apartment 
We need it to include personal liability insurance  of at least 300,000 - 1 mil
Also, thinking of getting personal property insurance

Can we get a quote? 
Can we do personal liability now and add in the personal prop protection later? Will it be more expensive

We only really care about theft. 

should i not give ssn? I guess it's safe. 

State Farm
$500 deductible. 
Limit is $1000 of jewelry. 
Includes $5000 of laptops. 
Personal liability is included in the package of $300,000. She thinks we're fine with $300,000. 
$25 / year for $300,000 personal liability. 
$85/year for $1,000,000 personal liability. 
$25,000 in personal property. 
Not includes earthquake or flood. 
Annual is $164. 

Farmer's Insurance
$500 deductible. 
Personal liability of $300,000.
$25,000 personal property. 

All State 
$500 deductible
Personal liability of $300,000.
$25,000 personal property. 

name and address of the person we want to be on it. And they'll send them and us a copy.