An email exchange with my former research advisor while I was in high school. I was trying to help Tara get a job for the summer and given she was going to Harvard for math and physics I thought she'd be a good fit for the lab I worked at the prior summer.

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	Hi John,
If it's not too late, I would like to talk with you about working in the lab this summer.
And I have a couple of extra questions:
Could you use two students? My girlfriend, who will be studying math at Harvard next year, is interested in working in your lab. Is there any possibility of being paid? If so, it's not at all necessary that both she and I are paid.
I really enjoyed working with the Papanikolas team last summer as it greatly enhanced my understanding of physics and chemistry. Thanks!

Joe -
I have several undergrads now, and I would be thrilled to include you as one of them. However, for undergrad researchers (as opposed to high school students) I want them to be thinking about making a real commitment, for several semesters, rather than just looking for a summer "gig". And, I generally discourage students who are looking to participate for only a summer. That way they can make a real contribution and ultimately pursue their own project. This doesn't mean that you are locked in, and if it doesn't work be it...I'll support you in wherever your interests take you. So, if you are interested in a undergrad research position that extends beyond this summer, then we should definitely talk.
PS: as for being paid...that is going to be tough since I'm currently waiting to hear on a grant and it is hard for me to commit at the moment.
PPS: ok ... Now I'm taking off my UNC professor hat, and putting on my "friend of your family hat" a point of advice...don't use your professional connections to try and get your girlfriend a job. You earned a great deal of "street credibility" last summer with the people in the group based on your intelligence and creativity. Requests like this puts stress on your professional relationships that undermines that and isn't in your best interest.
PPPS: I would be very excited if you chose to join the group as an undergrad researcher.