I was excited about the NVIDIA 3090 and was very impressed by the Marbles at Night demo that they showed during its release. While trying to see if NVIDIA had published the demo (which apparently had 500GB of textures), I came across a page with a lot of old demos that struck me as problematic. I felt like it was important that I try what I could to get it removed. I emailed Jensen Huang and the board and when I checked a couple weeks later it was gone. I thanked them for listening and Jensen thanked me for bringing it to their attention. Great stuff.

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Dear Mr. Huang, Ms. Shoquist, Dr. Drell, and other members of the board (via Mr. Teter),

I'm Joe Puccio, one of the co-founders of Coursicle, a small tech company committed to three missions: improving the 4-year college graduation rate, continuing to run entirely on our own revenue, and maintaining a ratio of at least 50% of women and other under-represented minorities in tech in our engineering and managerial roles.

I watched Mr. Huang's announcement on Monday. It was incredible, and easily secured my upcoming purchase of a 3000 series card. I was especially impressed by the real-time ray tracing demo in "Marbles at Night".

However, in search for past years' demos, I found the community demos page on nvidia.com. This page displays NVIDIA's prior technical demos, including a number that I found very upsetting which feature scantily clad women, such as "DAWN" from 2003. I believe that we need to be vigilant about rooting out sexism in our companies so that we can be more welcoming to women in our workplaces and start to correct the massive gender disparity in tech. I think that removing these demos and any similar content is a small step in that important road ahead of us.

Thank you for your time.

Joe Puccio
Co-founder, Coursicle