While my anxiety was by far the most painful thing I've experienced, the most painful physical experience (so far) was my kidney stone, which took about 6 weeks. I went through a couple scares about kidney failure, did a bunch of research on inversion tables, and even rollercoasters.

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1. What were the results from the ultrasound? Does the kidney look dangerously dilated?
2. Has the stone moved since the CT scan 8 days ago? 
3. How soon can you get me in to see a urologist?
4. Can I continue flowmax given my creatinine level? 
5. Can I continue 800mg ibuprofen and max Tylenol dose per day given my level? Just Tylenol?
6. Is there a way I can commend the tech who did the ultrasound. She was so friendly and knowledgeable and so thorough.