Questions I asked the vet in SF about what was necessary for a small toy poodle given the climate in SF, etc.

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- [x] Should we be taking him to get his anal glands expressed regularly (every two months)? 
- [ ] Sweet potato or pumpkin to the diet. Might want to take him to you guys every 6-8 weeks. If they’re hVing issues take them to the. No signs of impact ion. 
- [x] If we do need them expressed regularly, is it something we could do ourselves or should we take him to a groomer? 
Given the climate, should he be on heart worm medicine? Best to have him on heartwarm. Always recommend having it. Keep him on it. Keep him on the prevention. 
- [ ] Given we live in the city, does he need to be on tic and flea medicine? Up to us. If he’s going on hikes or bushy areas, then we should.