Tara and I both were prety concerned about getting her pregnant, so when unusual birth control related things came up she asked me to make calls to pharmacists asking if we needed to take plan B. Fun fact: you should almost always be able to call a pharmacist, just call a CVS in New York that's 24 hours. You obviously don't need to live in NY to do this.

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I took my first 9 pills In the pack properly. On the morning of the day I took the 8th pill, we had unprotected sex but used withdrawal. Then on the 10th day (Thursday) I forgot to take my pill that night. On Friday night when I realized, I took both Thursdays and Fridays at 11:30 (1 hr off from when I usually take it).

We know to use backup methods for the rest of the month to be safe, but do I need to take emergency contraception.

Okay but it does seem like as long as only one pill was missed and no pills were missed in the beginning of the month or the end of the last month then it's fine

Hi, I had a question regarding the plan B method on behalf of my girlfriend. We had unprotected sex and used the pullout method and two days later she forgot to take a pill. When she realized, 24 hours later, she took both pills. Does she need to take plan B? 

She said shouldn't need to take it.