Interview prep for Premier, a healthcare company in Charlotte, NC. I believe I went to their offices for the final interview and was given an offer, but I turned it down to work at Cisco.

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Premier Healthcare interview prep;

As a leading national healthcare solutions organization, Premier, Inc. collaborates with healthcare organizations to improve supply chain management, decrease healthcare costs, integrate data and improve the health of communities.

As an industry leader, Premier has created one of the most comprehensive database of actionable data, best practices and cost reduction strategies. We enable our members to collaborate easily and efficiently improve their quality outcomes, while reducing costs. By engaging members and revealing new opportunities, we empower our alliance to improve performance like no one else in healthcare can

Rare case where working for consulting can actually help save lives in addition to help businesses save money.

Because of the large number of hospitals that use premier, lots of access to data. I love analyzing data. Math part of my mind.

Healthcare is such a big part of people’s lives.

What technology has premier developed that really improves patient’s lives and

Could do the

Application development

BIG Data Analytics (data analysis)

Or Social Connectivity: