A list of potential projects for our new intern, Monty.

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* What have you been keeping up with/looking at over the summer?
* Give update on Coursicle
* Show current roadmap plan
* What time is he not free: I can do 2pm or 430pm on Tuesday, and 11am or 1pm on Wednesday. Let me know what works for you.
* 4:30pm, Tuesday. 
* What time do you want to start tomorrow? 

* He should come up with a brainteaser for Android users, show him the iOS brainteaser.
* He can work with Joe on a login system. 
* Maybe he can do the "Favorites" for Coursicle, which allows students to establish a ranking of classes?
    - Maybe put "New" underneath the tab, just like Apple does with its new products. 
* Add the little popup for when users get the "already purchased premium" thing, telling them to restart the Google Play store or whatever.
* Add FAQ to the Android app. 
* Create API for course data on the iOS/Android app and implement more things, like title, days, startTime, endTime, etc and then provide specifications so I can implement it on iOS.
* Monitor the blocking system and make improvements, if necessary.
* Improve the responsiveness of the course/professor pages; redesign database for efficiency.
* Could create a crawler that goes to the homepage of all .edu pages, sourced from the department of education data and runs constantly, searching for Banner/Peoplesoft links for us to use. 
* Create a GPA calculator or other tools that college students would be Googling for, because the schedule maker brings in a ton of traffic?

* Do you have a term limit for how long you plan to work on Coursicle, helpful to know if it's like 1 year or 18 months, etc.