After being traumautized by all the keyboard issues of my (otherwise beloved) 2016 MacBook Pro, I was very concerned when I upgraded to the 2018 MacBook Pro (Apple had also given me a 2017 MacBook Pro as part of all the trouble I went through with my 2016 MacBook Pro, but it had the same terrible keyboard issues).

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Potential 2018 Macbook Pro Issues

	•	Bottom right of the down arrow key not responding to all key presses. 
		⁃	Appears to be fixed based on my Reddit and MacRumors post.
	•	Heating up/fan starting even under low loads
		⁃	Will need to see, but there aren't really any major threads about this. Just a couple, and the people are often doing things like Lightroom or Google Earth. Also, people say it's at like 64 celsius when under very high performance, so basically doing nothing should be at like 40, which is what the 2017 is at most of the time. If anything, the computer would be hotter, not have more fan it seems, since most people say that the fans don't really kick in until it's very hot.
		⁃	Note: the fans on my 2017 are barely noticeable at 3000rpm while the machine is at 63C (according to iStat in the menu bar). 
		⁃	3 people said that the new supplemental update fixed this for them. 
	•	Kernel Panic due to Bridge OS error
		⁃	This is pretty clearly software, so not too concerning. But it is getting a lot of attention. 
		⁃	It seems like this might just be due to peripherals, or just affecting a small subset of users. 
		⁃	Also seems like it may be limited to when the computer is asleep, or in clamshell mode, which isn't as big of a deal.
		⁃	1+ person saying it's been 24 hours after update with no issue.
		⁃	Apple claimed to help resolve this in the latest supplemental update.
	•	Speakers crackling
		⁃	This appears to be software, so not too concerning. Getting a lot of attention. Happens even with headphones. 
		⁃	6+ people said that the new supplemental update fixed this for them.
		⁃	Apple claimed to help resolve this in the latest supplemental update.
	•	Coil Whine
		⁃	This is definitely hardware, but it might be more common on the 2.6GHz. This would be an issue if it's noticeable. But so few reports of it.
		⁃	Using stress test for SSD, did notice this occasionally with my ear pressed up against the computer on my 2017, so maybe I won't even notice it. 
		⁃	It probably happens at low enough of a frequency to not matter.
		⁃	Also, reports seem to have decreased, so it may have been a specific batch? 
	•	How much different do different keys sound? Do keys on the right side of the keyboard sound louder?
		⁃	Probably won't be a big deal even if it's true. But curious.
		⁃	Seems like the non-uniformity is limited to non-US keyboards anyway. 
	•	Touch ID wiggle
		⁃	Doesn't seem common
	•	MBP Charging port bug:
		⁃	There's a chime randomly, seems semi common even though it's not a big deal at all. 
		⁃	Seems to be fixed with the latest supplemental update anyway. 

Verdicts with my new machine: 
	•	Bottom right of the down arrow key not responding to all key presses. 
		⁃	FIXED. 100% fixed.
	•	Heating up/fan starting even under low loads
		⁃	Seems nonexistent. Certainly there's no fan under low loads, it's pretty much always 2000rpm no matter what. 
		⁃	Now the question mainly is is it a bit hotter, and it might be. But it's hard to tell. It's nothing noticeable, but it could be very slightly hotter under the same load as the 2017. 
		⁃	Under very low load (basically just Chrome) the CPU proximity is about 45c on the 2018. 
		⁃	Under very low load (basically just Chrome) the CPU proximity is about 42c on the 2017.
		⁃	But after about 10 minutes of web browsing on each, they both are really about 45c - 48c when on my lap lying in bed with sheets on. Could be because I'm in the corner of the room.
		⁃	Honestly, it's really Chrome usage that brings up the heat. When not actively using Chrome, but using other apps, like Messages, Mail, TextEdit, etc (with some Chrome usage), the temp is like 37 on the 2018 Macbook Pro. 
		⁃	It does seem like it can hover around 50C during certain things, like using Chrome in certain ways, but even when on lap it's not a noticeable heat, so I think we're fine with it as is. 
	•	Kernel Panic due to Bridge OS error
		⁃	1 day in and haven't received one, which is good.
	•	Speakers crackling
		⁃	Played music for a couple hours, no crackling. Speakers actually seem like they might be louder? 
	•	Coil Whine
		⁃	It's there, but very, very minor. Have to put ear up to computer to really hear it, and it seems like it only happens when doing something network/SSD/processor intensive.
			⁃	For instance, it was happening while downloading the 1.2GB High Sierra update, pretty much the entire time (had to stick head next to left ports to notice it though).
			⁃	So very high chance it's not going to be a problem at all.
			⁃	There is a noise outside that sounds like coil wine (in SF, some apartment building), and so you can hear that anywhere
			⁃	But going into the bathroom, even while the computer was installing an OS (and trying really hard to hear coil wine) and it's not really possible from normal operating distance. You could usually/sometimes hear it when putting your ear up against a vent, but even sometimes you did that and you couldn't (probably because it's only when certain components are in use). 
		⁃	When running the Disk Speed Test (black magic), you can hear it on the reads, but you still have to put your ear right up to the vent. Can't hear it from normal operating distance at all, or even rather close.
	•	How much do the different keys sound?
		⁃	Very, very uniform compared to the 2017. Also a lot quieter. It is true that the up and down arrow keys are higher pitched, by a pretty large margin, but they actually work now so it was probably because of that modification. 
		⁃	They just generally sound a lot less clacky, so less high pitched. More subdued, compared to the 2017. Definitely preferable.  
	•	Touch ID Wiggle
		⁃	Basically no wiggle, so we're fine.
	•	MBP Charging port:
		⁃	No issues so far, probably was fixed anyway.