Really fucking weird sequence of events where I ended up being scared something was like permenantly lodged in my throat, so we went to Urgent Care. The doctor said it could be a Esophageal Diverticulum, but it wasn't anything to be concerned about.

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- [ ] Around 5am (so 12 hours ago) 
- [ ] Eating lentil soup, with pasta and some grated cheese (some larger chunks, but many) 
- [ ] Midway took a bite, felt like something went down the wrong way. Tried coughing a bit, tried blowing nose. Maybe spent 1-2 minutes doing this. 
- [ ] Then continued eating the rest. Didn’t really have any trouble breathing or eating or swallowing. 
- [ ] Continued to bother me for the next couple of hours, did a LOT of violent coughing trying to dislodge. 
- [ ] Fell asleep. Doesn’t feel as bad, but do feel a bit sweaty, and warm. The irritated spot feels around the same place. 
- [ ] Have tried a soda, and a spoonful of honey. 
- [ ] Big burps make it feel better, at least momentarily. Swallowing has a minor discomfort, as if I have a sore throat. Feels pretty much like I just have sinus drainage now.