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Basically this is a beautiful thing. We can torrent onto the removable storage on the shield, and do so from anywhere in or outside the home on the phone or computer. Then we just turn on the TV and watch the show. 

But there's a lot more, including home videos we have on there, and we can add the slideshow so that photos can be shown. Still need to do. Done. Would be great if I could figure out how to make the screensaver for Plex/the TV to be the slideshow, but don't think that's going to be possible. Very easy to play music alongside it, you just open the Spotify app on the Shield, then start playing something (can control the music from your phone), then you double tap the circle button to switch apps (rather than closing) and then go to Plex and start the slideshow. 

Also we want to make it so that others can enjoy movies I have torrented (optional), or I can watch movies or TV I've torrented by setting up remote access on the shield. This would allow people who I've given permission to watch things from their TV (if it has Plex, which most probably do), their phone, or computer.