Whenever I'd go back to Chapel Hill over the holidays, I'd make an effort to see former professors and friends to keep in touch. To see if I could help them with something, or if they could help me. This note also includes the notes of what happened while I was talking to these professors.

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* Gary Bishop (maybe ask about MySQL tuning?)
* Michel Fern (old times sake)
* Jeff Terrell (general chatting)
* Henry Fuchs (old times sake, Dvorak and caps lock to delete). 
* Kevin Jeffay (lobby for scraping, git). first floor, 116. 
* Kris Jordan (lobby for scraping, git). 
* KMP (lobby for scraping, git). 
* Fabian (because he's a boss). Third floor. 
* Michael Reiter (old times sake). Third floor. 
* Jack Snoeyink (old times sake)

Monty sophomore senior Kevin. 

KMP. Told him I couldn’t get into 401 and that’s why we made Coursicle. 

Show Tara convo with Li about B2B / B2C. 

VC daughter

Monty is special. 

Monty needs to take 577.

Recording lectures, Jeffay was very helpful, bias against music person. It's worse than when we were in college. 

Watched all his lectures, 2x speed. 

Told him Harvard does 

Said also the reason I know so much about this is because she's also my girlfriend, not just my co-founder. and he laughed. 

Michael said "that's really impressive you guys have been able to date and run the company". 


Tara should respond to Reiter's email. 

Students coming from RTP parents, it's primed to explode in tech, and you've got no attention from consulting and all that. 

KMP and fern want me to talk to the class. 

Told Jeffay that he’s always been open. Said Dewan was a jerk to me when I asked for help. 

KMP googling his name. Can’t believe cofounder of Coursicle is here. 

MS Nora

Toni saying you’re getting a lot   “I gotta tell you, you getting a lot of value out of this” 

Students who were talking about Coursicle. 

Throw into the deep end, really something I think works. He and Snoeyink do it, shows respect for the student, that you believe that they can do this stuff, instead of coddling them through the course. It's not sadistic, if anything it shows respect which coddling doesn't. 

[redacted], bathtub. 

Did Elloise/Quinn talk about the email I sent?

Li argument about B2B companies. 

Kevin/Li discussion about Susan Fowler.