Fuck debt. I just wanted to get rid of my student debt as quickly as possible so I paid the least amount of interest possible. I painted a bunch of different scenarios with regard to paying down my loans and how much cash that would leave me with. Since I was born, my dad's side of the family had got me about $100 in bonds each of my birthdays, which was very sweet of them because by the time I finished college that amount was about $8,000, which I was able to use to knock out about half of my loans. What I was surprised to find was that I was charged a capital gains tax (I think that's what it was) on the loans, which were government backed loans...used for education...I really feel like maybe there should be an income minimum for capital gains tax, like I was making under $15,000/year at that point, but I still get hit with a tax bill for selling these bonds?

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