The questions and prep I did before my interview and technical interview at Palantir.

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What do I know about Palantir? 

	Palantir integrates and analyzes data. They do so for the private and public sector. 

Why do I want to Palantir? 

	For a while, I’ve wanted to see what it was like to work with Big Data. I tried to work with Big Data at Cisco, but didn’t have as much opportunity as I would have liked (mainly focused on the things creating big data, like the internet of everything). Additionally, I really like what I’ve heard about the atmosphere. It’s a lot more like a startup without a serious dedication to a hierarchy.  I’m really interested in using my skills to help people, and that seems to be one of the main focuses at Palantir. 

Why do I want Engineer, product support team? 

	What really stood out to me is that the position would allow me to see many parts of the organization. That’s the kind of position where I thrive: working on multiple projects. I like being able to work on different projects, or difference aspects of a project. 
	I also like, and am very used to, being Full-stack. Which is what it seems makes a good product support engineer.  
	I also really match the requirements, I know Java and HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python really well. And I have experience with Django. 

Questions about Palantir: 

Essentially, how are the analytics methods that Palantir uses developed? Forr instance, the methods used in discovering persons of interest in a large crowd, what are they based on? Does Palantir conduct studies/retrospective analysis of data to find patterns, or does it use common sense principles when constructing algorithms?