Probably my favorite restauraunt in San Francisco was an Indonesian place, called Borobudur. Generally, when you go to the same restauraunt on a weekly basis and you order the exact same thing each time, they start to get to know you. I became friends with one of the waiters and the new owner once the family who originally started the restauraunt ~30 years prior decided they were tired.

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48. Mie Tek Tek Goreng
* No fish paste. 
* Tofu. 
* Egg okay. 

Tara and Joe:
63. Bihun Cabe Hijau
* Shrimp

58. 2 orders Nasi Goreng Terasi pedas
* One Beef
* One chicken
* With the spicy sauce

Fried plantain with ice cream (two scoops of ice cream). 

The peanut sauce: it’s the shrimp paste sauce. Already mixed with the spices. 

The ice cream is Costco. 

Here's a second order we did some time later: 

Kyuak pwinte tote (fungus salad) 
Satay Chicken
Shan Noodle (beef)
Nasi Goreng Terasi Pedas (beef)
Nasi Goreng Terasi Pedas (beef)
mie Tek Tek goreng (chicken)
Plantain with Ice Cream? Or Roti with Ice Cream