Ended up going with Brown Bag Laundry. Have had a good experience with them so far, although they are hella expensive.

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If I place a pick-up order now, by when do you think it'll be ready? I have to leave town at 3pm tomorrow. Earliest would be on Monday, because it seems like they don't work Sunday. 

Does your SOHO location do everything? Can accept a drop off at SOHO too, but they only do dry cleaning at the SOHO location. 

If I wanted a faster turnaround time, I could pay 50% extra and get the laundry back in 3 hours. 

If I came and dropped them off now, would that be faster? No, same turnaround time. 

So basically if you have laundry picked up before 12pm on any day that they're open (so any day except Sunday), then you will get it back the same day. Which is good. 

I think best options after some thought: 
	•	Wash & Fold
	•	Number of loads (2), looks like all my clothes is about 25 pounds, typically seems each load is about 12 pounds (top load washer), 15-18 pounds (front load washer). So 2 loads should get it done for sure.
	•	Separate Lights + Darks 
	•	Warm water 
	•	Regular Soap (free)
	•	Regular softener (free)
	•	Dry at medium temperature (only jeans/towels and other heavy items need high heat)
	•	This is my first time using your service! I assume when I specify 2 loads and also specify Separate Lights + Darks, that I'll only be charged for 2 loads of laundry? Just not sure what the purpose of specifying the number of loads is if we're charged by the pound. I weighed my laundry and it's 25 pounds. Also, I imagine whites vs. colors may want to be washed/dried on different temperatures, but I'm not sure how to specify that? 

Looks like basically all of my clothes, except sweaters and what I keep during laundry day (one pair of jeans, one shirt, socks, underwear), is 25 pounds. 

Looks like "ByNext" is another service that I could use if I get out of the coverage of Brown Bag. It's basically the same cost. FlyCleaners is another option it seems. But for both of these, they appear to be much, much bigger and so there are a ton of people with very negative experiences with them. The larger the volume, probably the more likely things get lost.