Some heartfelt notes I wrote to my parents. I normally don't write to them.

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Dear Dad,

I know you know how hard these last few weeks have been. With so much bad, all I can do is think of the few things good: the people who have helped me through this. After months of pain and broken sleep, you never lost your patience with me, and always received my hand when I awoke in the night. 

You’re a wonderful and sensitive man and I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. My love for animals, my care for people, my passion for sharing films with others. 

You are my rock, and I love you. 

Dear mom,

You have been such an amazing mother, frankly it’s ridiculous. 

Even when I take you for granted and take more from you than I ever should, you never stop giving. 

I know I should call more, I think it’s just hard because the more I think of you, the more I miss being home. You’ll always be in my heart.