My notes while watching Sorry To Bother You, including some added thoughts after some rewatches.

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40 minutes in.

The majority of the people at worryfree are black, because they're most commonly the people who

It's essentially capitalistic slavery, which is the condition of America right now, especially for black people.

It's basically making literal what is figurative: the economic divide between whites and blacks.

There's a reason that all of the posters are of white people.

There's also this discussion about black people sort of wanting to be white, like the voice, even the pasta discussion, not sure what that means yet.

Interesting how he only sold things to white folks.

When he gets promoted, his relationship with the downstairs people is exactly like white people vs black people. He says "my success has nothing to do with you. I'll continue to root for you, from the sidelines"

It's pretty clear that he's selling black slave labor.

Exploitation of slave labor is core of this. Perhaps this is showing how even black people who side with white people on these matters are bad. (he's selling out by joining forces with the white folks upstairs and using the white voice).

There's definitely some cloning.

When he sits in the circle he's entertaining, doing theatre for the white people.

When you're shown a problem, and you don't know how to deal with it, then you just e

Added thoughts after multiple rewatches

All of the people's names have meanings. Like the Squeeze Asian guy, that means people who sleep with other people's girlfriends. Her name is DeBauchery and she is super sex obsessed.

Also the manager has an anarchy tattoo on his neck.

He definitely takes the blood under his eye to clone him or something.

The slave owner guy, the main white guy, carries around a horse whip and he threatens the black guy with it jokingly. When he talks about still needing people to do the work, but we also need people "like you" referring to the more white collar jobs, he's basically talking about house slaves vs field slaves. He's also obsessed with horses. All over his wall, on his desk, on the book he wrote.

When it's all the white people around a circle with Cash in the center entertaining in front of the fireplace, definitely felt like Djano unchained slave fight as entertainment for them.

Mr. Blank has some white stuff on his nose right before he tells Cash to go downstairs, I think he also took the deal to become a horse thing.