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I don't have a time to make a spreadsheet for you, but I believe the fastest supercomputer can do 38,360,000,000,000,000 keys per second right now. Apply this to the bruteforce calculator at http://calc.opensecurityresearch... , enter your password size and strength (ie. # of characters, type of characters (a-z,#,etc), press enter and poof you will have your answer.

From experience only certain types of file formats allow a GPU type attacks that utilize such high speeds successfully, so don't get your hopes up that any password can be cracked at these speeds (if you have access to a supercomputer).

My personal setup is one Micro Velocity Supercomputer loaded with 8 Telsa GPUs connected to a cloud network of 250 CPUs via Accessdata's DNA tool. Not in the trillions, but double digit billions. 50% of the time you will crack a password in milliseconds due to it being weak, the other 45% of the time you will crack the password in an hour after taking the suspects computer and RAM and coverting it to a giant text file and using that as your dictionary attack. Old and current passwords are hiding in that data to crack open any password. The last 5% is hope. Hope that your billion guesses per second will hit the right combination before hell freezes over.