Notes I took, probably for Tara, about the October Apple keynote.

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1 hour longer web browsing on MBA

fit 6GB of Data in 4GB of RAM

respond in notification


maps app

ibooks app

new pages released?

Macbook pro 15inch

Faster wifi (3x), faster thunderbolt (2x), faster hard drive (1.6x)? Only one hour battery life more.

Faster thunderbolt doesn't really matter because you rarely use anything that exceeds the current thunderbolt's throughput (10Gb/s is more than enough for wifi and backup drives with thunderbolt are currently way too expensive to be worth it).

Up to a Terabyte of storage, but it's a $500 bump.

Graphiscs performance is apparently up to 90% faster. This doesn't really matter because we don't play games.

This would be one nice thing, yeah.

Doesn't mean much when most any wifi network is going to have a max of 100mbps down anyway. (only local transfers would make a difference).

ilife, (new icons that look more iOS7-ey)

new iMovie design.

New iWork: Nothing exciting. Collaboration is kind of important. Completely free now though. Whoop.