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"Any controlled or scheduled substances (benzodiazepines, sleep medications, stimulants) will NOT be prescribed by your provider."

"Emergency phone consultations of 5 minutes or less are normally free. However, if you and your provider spend more than 5 minutes in a week on the phone, if your provider spends more than five minutes reading and responding to messages from you during a given week, or if your provider spends more than five minutes involved in case management or coordination of care, you may be billed on a prorated basis for that time"

" If you feel the need for many phone calls and cannot wait for your next appointment, we may need to schedule more sessions to address your needs. If your provider will be unavailable for an extended time, your therapist will provide you with the name of a colleague to contact, if necessary; or, otherwise please contact your coach"

Once an appointment is scheduled, you will be expected to pay for it unless you provide 24 hours advance notice of cancellation. Late cancellation appointments will be charged $125. I

Do you have any medical conditions you would like your clinician to be aware of? If so, please provide details. *
Back in November 2018, I started having unexplained daily stomach pain. After many months of doctors and an endoscopy, it became clear that the source of the stomach pain was anxiety. This realization led me into a 4-month, severely debilitating anxiety/depressive episode and was the first time my mental health had a severe impact on my life. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in April 2019 and my psychologist said I may have Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). I was put on Prozac 20mg, saw my psychologist weekly, and began exercising daily. I was back to myself in just 1 month after this routine was established and continued therapy and regular exercise for many months after that. A year later, in May 2020, I went off of Prozac due to significant weight gain. However, at the end of May 2021, I had a relapse of my symptoms and went back on Prozac 20mg after talking to my former psychiatrist. I'm seeking help because I would like to learn how to manage my condition long-term to reduce, if not prevent, these relapses via therapy, exercise, medication, as well as other suggested methods. 

Deciding not to include the mention of suicide stuff, just think it'll be safer for now until I know the person.
During my darkest times, I have had fleeting thoughts thinking I would be "better off dead" because the mental anguish was so intense and inescapable. I have never self-harmed or made any plans to. 

I have been with my girlfriend for 10 years, she supported me through much of my first anxiety/depressive episode and all of this second episode.