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89 MacDougal Street Lease

Page 1, part 2, lease should be February 6th, not 1st. 

Rent is $2,495.00

If it starts not on first day of month, you pay pro-rated first month and you pay all of second month. 

You get interest on your security deposit, after the first 1%. 

Will get security deposit after 60 days (apparently new law says 14 days). Should be the same condition. Should document the apartment and any wear and tear immediately to be able to prove that I didn't cause it.

Cannot, change wallpaper, paint, repaint, or other decorate, without owner's consent. 

No water beds!!! 

Can't install stove, garbage disposal, heating, air conditioning, etc without consent. 

Cold and hot water, and heat will be provided BY LAW. 

May have to deal with utility companies directly for electricity and gas. 


What notice do I get before you are showing the apartment to someone in the last 4 months of the lease (page 3, point 14)? 

Cannot sublet unless I get consent. If they unreasonably refuse the request, then the lease ends 30 days later. 

Need to move in within 15 days of the lease starting. 

Basically, don't default. You have to pay broker fees, lawyer fees, etc and all this sort of stuff. You also have to keep paying until they can re-rent the apartment basically. It's just all bad. 

Can't "misuse or be negligent" otherwise will be charged for those uses in the apartment. 

Why do I have to give up right to trial by jury - is this standard? what is the purpose? Ideally, I'd like for this to be struck.

Can't block or leave anything on fire escape, sidewalk, entrance, elevators, or halls. Can't leave bike in the halls or other areas. 

Can't shake carpet outside window of building. Shouldn't throw any trash out of window.

Can't use service elevators, those used by servants, messengers, etc. But they can't use the passenger elevators. 

Can't dry clothes on roof. 

Can install an additional lock on the door. But Owner has to get a key too. 

Can't make disturbing noises that interfere with rights, comforts, or convenience of other tenants. 

Not play a musical instrument, or phonograph, CD player, radio, television such that it disturbs or annoys another occupant of building. 

Can't display shit on the outside of the building, like an awning or a satellite dish. 

Must be leashed in building. May end leash if Cosmo's a bad dog. 

80% of floor area must be rugged, except kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, and hallways. Wall to wall carpet must be glued not nailed. 

$200 late fee, $30 for bounced checks. 5 day grace period toward rent. So have until day 5, technically, but should do first day of each month. 

So if you stay in apartment after lease has ended, you pay $2995.00, not the amount of rent. Where did this number come from? Why not monthly rent amount? 

Need to give 60 days notice if intending to vacate apartment. Otherwise, let them know we want to renew the lease. Is this standard? That seems like a lot of notice, I'd prefer 30 days notice. 

My girlfriend is coming to stay with me while she's looking for an apartment, but she's definitely not going to be staying throughout the entire lease or close to it. Just until she gets an apartment. Just want to confirm I don't have to list her on page 9. 

What is the Pet Addendum? I have a dog who is an emotional support animal, I'll provide you with my doctor's letter and the relevant law from NYC.

Have to clean the drip pan in the kitchen. A bunch of other things. Should just review the entire page 12 before moving out to ensure all of those things are cleaned. 

Make sure the bedroom floor isn't getting scraped by the bed. Same for the living romo floor. 

Owner required by law to provide window guards if I ask them to. 

Will I be charged for the normal wear and tear of the painting of apartment? For instance, is the prior resident being charged for the amount of painting that's being done before I move in? Or is this about beyond normal wear and tear? Page 14. 

It's a law to separate garbage and such. Required to rinse recycled bottles and containers. 

Need to primarily live there. Can't be a transient use apartment. 

Do not cancel your gas and electric accounts when moving out. Landlord will do that for you. 

If I terminate the lease early, and they rent one day after I terminate, fine is half deposit. Otherwise, full deposit, but goes against some stuff said earlier. 

Read 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25 after I call him.