My dad made a lot of fun of me for asking this guy so many questions.

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- [ ] So I’m basically naturally far sighted just a bit, which means I have an easier time seeing something far away naturally, but my eyes work to compensate, and so it takes effort to make that adjustment, and your eyes kind of seem to set in on a new default distance, and that means it takes more time to correct. 
- [ ] So if I spent all my time outside looking at things far away, he says I wouldn’t be having this issue, and in fact I would have a bit harder time looking at things that are close up.
- [ ] When giving the drops, it shows my normal natural ability, without my brain doing the compensation. So this is what it would look like when I get older. As you get older, you’re not as good at doing the correction.  

- [ ] If I had zero and zero, and I spent a lot of time looking at things very close up, what would happen when I looked at something far away? Would it be easier to see because my brain isn’t doing all this work to correct things? Yes could be easier, but even with 0 and 0 it would have trouble changing in any significant degree. 
- [ ] Ask about the 20, 20, 20 thing. Yesc that could help. 
- [ ] What numbers would we see from someone who has glasses? Like a 2.0 or something. 
- [ ] Should I keep things farther away from my face? Like computer screens? Yes, that could help. 
- [ ] Why is it that when I spend time staring at something far away, even for 30 seconds, it doesn’t get clearer, are we talking a much longer time scale necessary for my brain to. Yes. It could take hours. 
- [ ] How much of whatever I’m having is due to the overall plus amount of the eyes, and how much is due to the difference in values between the eyes? Mainly the differential.
- [ ] Overall, I can’t do any damage or anything if I don’t get glasses now. It’s fully up to whether I feel like I can function. 

- [ ] Have my old eye doctor send us/them the old numbers just so we can see.