Some notes to fill Tara in on. I took them while I was at home for the holidays.

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Joe left Jackie (Granny) three years while mom in high school

Auntie in train accident. Two cars went through the sidewalk according to granny. Worst train accident in MBTA history. On train was parked and another came up and hit it from the back at 70mph because the guy took a turn too fast. Got a settlement.

Said that she would be a teacher if she got out of it alive. Was in insurance before.

Auntinete was a "whoops" as my granny said

Why do people say "double time"? Shouldn't they say "half time"?

Try out Facebook’s video chat service; perhaps it’ll work when Skype/gmail/facetime don’t.

Tria hair removal. Permanent laser removal? I WANT IT

The reason we don't have a real Christmas tree is because Granny is allergic and she used to come for Christmas every year.

My mom was talking about her raise with me and how it's $10,000 more dollars a year and I asked if it would help them out financially and she said "it's going to be spent on vacation" and I was like "why can't $1500 of it go to paying the portion of my college you said you'd pay for?" And she just started yelling and saying "I'm not having this conversation".

I just brought it up again and she got super pissed and in the yelling kept threatening to not pay for any of my college and to get Granny to stop paying for the last two years. And then mentioned "maybe we'll give you a graduation present to pay it off" and I was like okay that's fucking better you should have just mentioned that originally.