Re-watched Mr. Robot with Tara and a good friend we met in Memphis, Connor, and I was picking up on things on the second watch that I had missed. Really great show.

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Says "fuck society" in first episode at beginning. "Fsociety".

"That'll come later" in response to "who are you"

"That'll come later" in response to "what's the project?"

In video, they say "release everyone from debt", but that gives away the attack, which is silly because they can start to try to protect.

His sister talks to Mr Robot, but he's standing directly in front of Elliot.

"I'm culpable now, no, we're culpable".

"" is the file he uploaded.

"People get violent when they can't communicate". Said by Mr Robot after pushing him off the railing.

"Why don't you ask the girl from this morning to go as your girlfriend" (Sheila speaking about Darlene), doesn't she know by now that Darlene is his sister?

"Steel mountain", where E Corp keeps all the money they've stolen from people.

Luekeymeia (sounds like "key")

Little flare noise every time he sees Mr Robot before talking to him?

Why was nobody reacting in the diner when they ripped up Sheila from her chair? All hired?

Issac’s “S5 phone”

Rapid9, what is it?

Are they manipulating her to work at Evil Corp so that they can get Elliot? Do they know that he did it?