Now that the endoscopy results came back with nothing, the next question was: what's the problem?

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Current issues.

Other stuff I'm experiencing right now: 
* Nasal congestion
* Head feels cloudy
* Coughing
* Sore throat and pain when swallowing (could be endoscopy)
* Not feeling rested when I wake up
* Occasional Nausea 
* Occasional gas pain when trying to go to bed, can be very intense and painful.
* Occasional Stomach pain that can last all day
* Occasional constipation

Occasionally, I have bad days:
* Wake up and feel incredible fatigue, can't get myself to work or even cook, just want to stay in bed
* Difficulty eating
* Feel depressed/anxious, especially on how long it’s been since I felt totally fine. 

What should we do?
- [x] Can you check my throat briefly? Chronic drip in throat. 
- [x] Just so you know, I do have days when I feel basically completely fine, so it’s not every day. When I wake up not feeling pain and feeling fine energy wise. Is this consistent with depression? Yes. 
- [x] Could anything I’m experiencing now, like the cough, be due to the saliva? No relevant, airway seems fine. 

* My Vitamin D levels are very low. How can I improve these? Done. 
* Mood? Lexipro. 
* Bowel movement every day. Mirilax. 
* STD panel, very low risk but I guess possibly. Done. 
* Can I get a full blood test for Thyroid related conditions?
    * Done. 

D3, 5,000

SF Doctor said looking at liver and gallbladder with ultrasound wasn’t out of the question if endoscopy came back normal. 
- [ ] Could liver and gallbladder present this way?