Some notes on issues I was having with my 2012 MacBook Pro at the time.

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1. Fan making noise. I think it's right fan when open, so left when flipped upside down. (Play the audio in Voice Memos). 
	- A few weeks ago, if tilted computer sideways, (perpendicular to floor), very strange clanging (Play audio file on Mac)
	- A while ago, was holding computer from edge probably pressing up the bottom case and caused very loud scraping.
2. CPU throttling "kernel_task" when plugged in and charging _from low battery percentage_ (magsafe portion of adapter also can get very hot). 
3. Get "E" keycap replaced?

Some debugging notes: 
Starting at 2000 rpm, directed 8 yes’ to dev/null, went up to 6000rpm, no noise. Right fan was consistently lower rpm than left though. Killed all yes, let it drop back down to 2000, still nothing. 

Trying incremental increase/decrease? 1 yes, nothing. +1 nothing (3000rpm). +1 nothing (4000rpm) 

Try plugging into power? not yet (3000rpm). not yet (4000rpm). (power with some load: )

Trying turning on discrete GPU? 

Got it to make noise after around an hour of usage. At 3330rpm (right fan), 3900rpm (left fan). Integrated graphics. Plugged into power (45% charged). Very low CPU usage (0% really). Did get worse when cranking up CPU (three yes>null). Can still hear it at ~2500 rpm

During the meeting. 
There was a video test that failed, 
Did need to get a new E key.