Back when we finally launched textbook price comparisons at UNC, we were about to make our first dollar (this time we weren't going to give a shit what the Student Stores said because we had graduated and we needed to start making money at this point). I decided physically flyering would be a good idea, so we printed about 20,000 of them on the free printers at Sitterson (sorry Jeffay, I'll get you back, I promise) and I went about flyering every single room, at every single dorm at UNC's campus (because why not). A couple of nights I had my friends Max and Michael help. I think it took 4 days, but I went to every single dorm and slid a flyer under every single door (completionism at its finest). We ended up making a couple thousand dollars from affiliate fees that first semester. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible.

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Top 7 floors of Morrison. 
Hinton james
Craig north

RAs had used it. One said it was totally fine to pass it out under the doors. One student said his academic advisor showed him how to use it. One said he'd bring it up at the mandatory hall meeting on Sunday. 
About 6 people said "you saved my life”. 
Ran into an OL, who opened the door while her boyfriend was naked lol. She said she uses Coursicle and she tells all of her kids to use it and she said even the Academic Advisors tell the kids to use it (she’s in the meetings when the advisors talk).