More notes from a call with my psychiatrist.

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Start with just one capsule in the mornings, then eventually bump it up to two. 

What happens if I start vomiting right after taking it? That happened sometimes with the Lexapro. 

I’m taking: 

Now he’s telling me to take the Ativan every morning, 0.5mg. 

How long to taper off he Ativan? Half tablet and I’ll be fine. 

He says no difference between taking Ativan for 10 days or even 90 days, it’ll be equally easy to go off. 

Always after food. 
Full glass of water. 
If throw up less than 30 minutes after, then take it again. But only do this once. 
Side effects should stop after a week. 
He says not effective after like 40mg, not 60mg