Notes from meeting with UNC's career services.

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Mid february. 12-4pm career fair.

Do resume now.

cover letter.

look for them over winter break. Set up interviews in boston.

Tour the office.

Have a linked in.

Ask shoeboxed for people,

mention that I’m going up there, and ask if they know anyone in the area I could talk to.

Go to linkedin, \

look at alumns for

look at linked in, the filtering options are good.

email professors directly at Harvard, or nearby schools. Mention I have a grant and I could use that for funding, and that I’m interested in their research and would like to join them. Ask if there’s anything I could do?

Talk to someone at office for undergrad research.

Ask kevin jeffay, if he has contacts in any of the areas so I could get a job there.

Ask the guy (peacock) how to get set up.

come back in after resume and cover letter.

Shopify = ~150, Achievers = ~200, ClearFit = ~35, Kira Talent = ~25, Wattpad = ~50, Wave Accounting = ~80, Uken Games = ~50, FreshBooks = ~150, 500px = ~30, EventMobi = ~30, PagerDuty = ~50.