The new principle at MCS asked if I could come in to help advise them on some pushback from parents on some new technology they were using. I was able to explain the privacy implications of the technology and make them feel better about the stance they were taking. While I was there, they also asked me to help them with some issues they were having with their LAN (local area network) and Google Classroom.

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Should do: 
	•	Blogs, should work on SEO and not worry about Facebook/Twitter. 
	•	Lean on Google 
	•	Help with parent education. 
	•	Lock down the computer systems more. 

How much do they care about: 
	•	Facial recognition in general?
	•	Their students faces being used in social media? 

Both of those parents gave examples. 

Inappropriate stuff: 
	•	At home, be ignorant of that. 

Students only work on Chromebooks. 

Every student having their own computer, good idea. Chromebooks. 

Turn on safe search for all Google accounts, and prevent them from turning it off. 

Internet is slow: 
	•	200 Mbps. 
	•	Too many people connected to the same access point.
	•	How old are the access points? 
	⁃	2015, or 2017. 
	⁃	ruckus router 
	⁃	In the Upper-L is slow. Should just upgrade the routers.  

Send Delphine some info on getting SEO better. 
Start looking into Google classroom. 

How to test the wifi and what is slow.

Make sure that the download is 200Mbps

Then it's the router. 

Dave, Delphine
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