Notes about call with psychiatrist.

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* Like I said, so much anxiety went away when I saw Tara and then got started on work. 
* I felt so great the day that I saw her, and the following day (yesterday)
* Both of these days, I had taken Ativan early in the morning.

* Then today I started having a really down day.
    * It felt to me like my mood was really down but for absolutely no apparent reason.
    * When I took it, I felt "because of the way I feel now, if I don't take this, I'm not going to be able to do anything today and it'll be a horrible day"
    * Taking the Ativan seems to have helped, at least somewhat. 

* I am concerned about having to take Ativan every morning.
    * I don't want to be using it as a crutch.
    * Tara is concerned about me continuing it as well. 

* Can we start weaning me off Ativan now? 
* Should I try one night without the Remeron, so I can see how much I'm sleeping? 
* Next time I feel like that, should I just stomach through it no matter the cost and not take Ativan?

Ativan History: 
    * When you first gave it to me, I took 3 doses in 2 days. Then I didn't have any for about 9 days. Now I've had about one per day for the last 6 days.

I've been on Wellbutrin and Remron for a little over 2 weeks. 

He wants to do 3-4 weeks of Ativan. He doesn't want to taper off the Ativan. 

He wants to add 10mg of Prozac, see how I do. Then increase to 20mg of Prozac. Then pull the Wellbutrin away. Then sit with 30-40mg of Prozac. 

* Leave Wellbutrin the same
* Leave the Remron
* Take one Ativan every morning when I get up
* Tomorrow morning going to add in Prozac 10mg
* Once we've had Prozac in my system for 2-3 days
* Then go up to Prozac 
* Then 7-10 days after starting going to try to pull back the Wellbutrin 
* 4-5 days, could try pulling the Ativan back
* 1 pill to 3/4 of a pill for a week
* 1/2 a pill for a week

Text you the number of the pharmacy for the Prozac. 

Could also try the Wellbutrin 300mg. 

Try for a few days:
300mg Wellbutrin in morning. 
1 Ativan in the morning.
1 Remron at night. 

If can't fall asleep:
Switch to Prozac