Tara and I applied to i3: Harvard College Innovation Challenge. I think we had to pitch something new (we couldn't pitch Coursicle), so we pitched my idea from 2012 which determined hidden relationships between niche websites (based on links and likes) to help people find sites they might like based on the ones they already do. We didn't win, but we got "Runner-up" and like $5,000 in AWS credits. If there's one thing college startups can't get enough of, it's AWS credits...(I'm kidding, fuck AWS; DigitalOcean 4 lyfe).

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Because we are linking together sites based on the people who like them, we are taking into account more than just content similarities: we are taking into account style of writing, sense of humor, and all the tiny factors that go into making a site perfect for you.

Yeah, of course. So everyone there was great and smart and it was a really nice company to work for, but I just wasn't super into the project I was given, so I decided to switch to a manager who did Internet of Things work which I found really interesting, and create my own project that really turned into research (my "final project" was actually a paper). And so they were incredibly flexible which was really great for me, so I have no real complaints about the company other than maybe my original manager didn't really make the significance of my project evident (or maybe he did and I just didn't find it significant) and the general consequences of interning at a company which are sometimes you have to just wait for other people to do stuff/be available to talk to you in order to do your job