I went around trying to find all the places we could live for very little money in Memphis.

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Fielder Square Apartments: Don’t have a 1 bedroom until June 11th. Studios: have some the first week of May. $1190/month on 3 month. Not furnished.

Metro 67: No studios at that time. Two 1 bedrooms, one and a half bath. Both available on May 28th. 3 month lease. $1912/month. $1923/month. They are not furnished. Do have some furnished suites.

Court Square: Need a corporate suite. They have a 1 bedroom apartments, don’t hold them for short term lease. 1 bedrooms are a premium for memphis. Corporate suite with cable would work, $1700/month - $1800/month, free parking for one vehicle. And the corporate suite is furnished.

Claridge House Apartments: They’re just condominiums (nothing for rent). He said: A lot of apartments on main street. Really good. Recommended Central Station and The Washburn. Said you shouldn’t go with anything less than $1000/month. Said Court Square was $1200-$1300/month when he looked into it. Recommended looking at HMHeckle.com website.

Jefferson Place: Nothing shorter than 6 month.

Central Station: Called. $800/month, not furnished. Somewhat far away.

The Washburn: Called. Phone: 1 (901) 527-0244. Should call back tomorrow (Tuesday).

Van Vleet Flats: Called. July is soonest they could do. $1030/month, not furnished.

Number 10 Main Street: 3 units, currently occupied that would be available. Can’t tell about their availability up until August. $850-$1100/month. They’re not furnished.

The Renaissance: 100% occupied. Could call in case they have something before August.

Adler Apartments: Called. Studio available, $1000/unfurnished. $1950/month furnished.

The Chisco: Apartments, not furnished for $1000/month. Both studio and one bedroom. 3rd floor, brick wall, dishwasher, $1050/month.