I guess my proclivity for research applies to all aspects of my life. Soon after I started having sex I evidently did research on erogenous zones.

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Types of female orgasms: 

Clitoral - Clitoral stimulation, very common. 

G-Spot - from penetration, resulting in full body orgasm feeling

Simultaneous orgasm - Clitoral and G-spot at the same time

Multiple orgasms - clitoral or Gspot over and over

The squirting orgasm - Better than anything. 

Trying to get her to squirt: 1) Curl your finger, keep it curled, and slide it in and out. Continue to do this. Try starting to do it only once she's close. 2) Try inserting middle and ring, pushing up, with index and pinky pointing down and placing other hand on pubic hair area. Then move hand up and down (toward ground and away from ground with her lying on her back). 

Download Squirting orgasm mastery (maybe not)

Notes about orgasms and erogenous zones: 

The G-Spot is essentially/may be between the urethra and the vaginal canal, so it can be stimulated by pushing up toward the pubic hair with two fingers. Additionally note that pressing down on the pubic hair feels resistant because of the pubic bone just beneath. 

The Cervix is really deep inside the vagina. It's essentially as far back as you can go. When touched with a finger, it apparently feels "rubbery like the tip of a nose". That hard thing you sometimes feel really far in is probably her cervix. 

The U-Spot is some tissue that's just above, and on either side of the urethral opening (so that tiny tiny hole that's hard to find). 

The A-Spot is right before the cervix so feel for the Cervix which should feel like your nose and then move your finger back a little more toward you and play around there. 

Increasing lubrication may be achieved by stimulating the A-spot and the P-spot (the P-spot is just past the cervix rather than just before). 

Good to note: less semen may be retained if she cums right before the guy does. 

Things to determine: Can all girls squirt? There's a lot of controversy/conflicting stories on this. I don't think it's been shown either way. Does hydration really affect it?