Back when we were sending a lot of emails to students as a way of marketing Coursicle, we got pretty good at email marketing. 80-90% open rates and 10-15% CTRs. Our secret? People don't like marketing emails, so make sure your email doesn't look like one. Also have something you're "selling" that the person actually wants to buy. If you can't do that, well then you should probably work on something else. Also send at the perfect time (students procrastinate the most at the start of the week, so they'll read an email they might not normally read), and we would send right around the time of registration, so we knew Coursicle would be relevant. If we could hit those metrics with a niche seasonal product and no email marketing experience, God, anything's possible.

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Conclusion about dedicated IP.

A shared IP might be better once we’re removed from the blacklists. The guy said it was really a one-time thing. This is because the relatively low volume we have.

Check it here:

The volume we’re sending is very low, so we probably won’t need to warm up.

Even if we got a dedicated IP, doing 3,000 emails a day from the get go would be reasonable.

Warmup schedule link: