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Push notifications when: 
someone creates an event/invites you to an event, when someone invites you to join a group, when someone in your contact list begins using the app for the first time, and when someone checks in somewhere.

Look into doing shadowing with code. 

Load fonts. 

Note: the checkin button is a bit too small. Tell Jake about the problem. 

Do ematolong pushed in effect programatically 

In the main.m file, there’s a UIapplicationmain function, which is what creates the application object and sets everything up. THIS INCLUDES A RUN LOOP. So essentially, it’s like the main function in Java. 

So it creates an application object, and then also an instance of the app delegate class. You create the app delegate class. 

App delegate: creates window where app content is drawn. Respond to state transitions. It has the property “window”, which keeps track of what gets drawn. 

View Controllers: hold event-handling logic (user presses something, what happens?). Also called controllers. 

Workflow: application object is created, it calls certain defined methods in the app delegate that run some of your code. 

Views: built on top of one another (view hierarchy). Top of view hierarchy is window object. You can use a UIView class which is built into UIKit. You can subclass UIView for custom views. Each content hierarchy requires a view controller (essentially, each page needs a controller?) 

Window: instance of UIWindow class. originally blank. Need to add content view to window.