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I'm sorry, baby. You're so sweet to have waited for me and to have
been looking forward to helping me. I shouldn't have gone over when I
was and I absolutely wasn't going to but a guy I had met earlier
started talking to me when and he kept talking until 11:30 when he saw
me on my phone (I was responding to your texts). I understand if you
didn't know that you were getting upset but I think it would have been
good to let me know at 11:15 that you were expecting me/getting upset
that I wasn't ready yet. And I totally understand why you got the
sense that I didn't really want to go when I offered it and I would
explain the reason, but I don't want to just spew excuses at you.

I wanted to talk to you, Tara, I really did. I was thinking about you
a lot when I was in the union. How nice you are to be with. How sweet
and supportive you are to/of me. How almost every time I'm afraid that
you're upset with me, you dismiss it with a "no honey!" You always
seem to be happy to be with me, and just to think that that's true
makes me happy. And it makes me want to be with you, Tara. I wish
tonight could have been avoided and I'm really  sorry that things got
messed up. You know how much I enjoy talking to you and how frequently
I tell you you're my best friend. I tell you it every time I think
about how I don't have any urge to be anywhere else when I'm with you
and how I can't imagine being more open and honest with anyone else.
That's amazing. To be best friends with someone and to date them. I
was reminded of that when you said earlier today on our walk back that
you didn't feel like you were friends with Shawn. It really made me
think about how you forfill every social and biological desire I have.

You and me forever.

I love you,