After Shahid Buttar called me again, presumably hoping to secure Coursicle's support, I sent him this emailing explaining why the company would not be endorsing him.

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Hi Shahid, 

Sorry for missing your call last month. I explained via text that we were pushing a major update to Coursicle, but you may have missed it. I've had it on my to-do list for a while now to explain why we decided not to publish the blog post as well as why I decided to stop volunteering on the tech team. I felt like you, and especially Derrick (who I really enjoyed working and chatting with), were owed an explanation. 

We support your policies, and strongly support many, such as Medicare for All, Housing for All, and the curtailment of governmental surveillance. One must understand in order to govern, and right now Congress does not understand how the internet works and is thus woefully unequipped to regulate some of the most powerful companies that have existed in history. We also appreciate your forthcoming and very eloquent answers to political questions; you don't hold back when criticizing the democratic establishment, and your answers don't feel like a tightrope walk to improve polling numbers. 

But once we read the first-hand accounts and independent reporting of sexual harassment allegations, workplace sexism, workplace mistreatment, as well as talked to members of your campaign ourselves, we determined that we could no longer support your candidacy. It hurt me, for many weeks, to find out that you weren't who I thought you were. I mostly thought about super Tuesday, when I spent hours on the street talking to the homeless people and blue collar workers that I had relationships with and encouraging them to go vote for you. I texted 70 friends and family that day with quotes that I had pulled from interviews you'd done, encouraging them to donate. I put my reputation on the line, and you let me down.

It became clear from these accounts that, even if the allegations of harassment and sexism weren't true, there were fundamental problems elsewhere. Representatives must put the needs of their constituency above their own, and I am the lowest paid employee at Coursicle because I put our missions and employees before my personal gain. I was astonished to see, especially given your policies, you weren't doing the same in your campaign. Maturity and devotion to the mission are other key qualities of a leader, but your former campaign manager's account, which contains many claims that you haven't denied, demonstrate that you are not fit in this regard either.

Although I don't expect one, I feel I am owed an apology. I'll continue to fight regardless, as I'm sure many of your former staff members will.