A note to myself to stay motivated and excited about starting the accelerator, even though we really wished we had gotten into YC.

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All we were looking for was funding. This is granting us that funding. Think back to when we had nothing.

Tara will be here soon. It'll be a lot better then.

You are doing this to help people, people who need help. Think about what you went through as a freshman registering.

Getting an interview with YCombinator and Techstars is great, and you weren’t even expecting it. You shouldn’t be disappointed you didn’t get them, be grateful that you got an interview.

Even though the email thing happened, you can still market this to students.

Things you might want to do to feel better:

Respond to Kat, say thank you for your consideration, we understand your decision, and that “although, (perhaps we didn’t make this clear in the interview), the 20M figure is the number of U.S. college students. There are actually 183M worldwide.”